Manifattura Landi manifacturing

FAL Manifacturing


Manifattura Landi manufactures knitwear, hosiery, fleece apparel and accessories for leisure and working purposes since 2002. Our production plants are in the famous textile district of Prato, in the heart of Tuscany.

In the latest years we decided to outsource a few procedures to reach a better flexibility inthe production system,a considerablereductionofcostsand a greater attentionto our customers. All of this, while maintainingunchanged the quality of our products and the originalityof madeinItaly.

Today,ManufatturaLandiisa modern companythat thanks to proven and continuouslymonitored processes,reliablepartners and a dedicated and assiduous customer service, isalandmarkin thespecific areaof the knitwear,hosieryandaccessory manufacturing fortheworldof hunting and fishing, work wear,sportswear and military apparel.

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