Workwear manufacturers in Prato Tuscany Italy

Workwear manufacturers


FALwork wearisspecificallyrealized to make the most comfortablepossible the working day of all thosepeoplewhoattend todisadvantaged placesin termsof postureandintense cold.

FAL collection of work wear also include protective clothing thanks to its technical specifications, weatherproof colors and, even more important, the fit of the sizes. A collection of protective clothing that is wellappreciated byourcustomerswho have to supply companies involved in different kind of markets.

Ourcollection ofwork wearincludesclothingthat are suitableforcold and dry climates as well as for cold and wet climates.A collectionofwork wear including tights, 100% wool sweaters, blended wool sweaters,fleecesweaters, hoods,collarsandearmuffs. In addition,FALwork wear includes acollectionof technical socksdesigned toprotectthe feetfromcoldwhileassuringa high levelof breathability.

A mixof technical specifications that,combined withthecomfortoftheirclean lines and reduced seams,makes FAL technical socks particularlysuitable foranystressfulworking environmentfor your feet.


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